Dishwashing Sponge Set

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Our Ekoroo double-sided dishwashing sponges are made from loofah plant and plant-based cellulose and are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic sponges. The loofah layer is great for scrubbing while the spongy cellulose layer is great for foaming and absorbing moisture. 

This 2 pack of dishwashing sponges are suitable for washing all utensils such as dishes, pans, pots and more. Just add some dishwashing liquid and water and the loofah becomes soft, fluffy and easy to foam. 

 Make the switch today to a more eco-friendly kitchen. 


Benefits of Dishwashing sponge set:

  • Plant based & plastic free
  • Fluffy, soft and easy to foam
  • Ergonomically shaped for easily gripping while washing
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Vegan friendly