Plant Wax Vegan Food Wraps

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These beautiful Plant Wax Vegan Food Wraps are the perfect alternative to using cling wrap to protect your food.

Each My Humble Earth kraft paper package contains a set of 3 Plant Wax Vegan Food Wraps.

Keep your food fresh and preserve it using these vegan wax wraps that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Organic cotton, organic candelilla and soy wax, natural coconut oil, and natural tree resin were used to create each wrap.

Food lasts longer than storing in a container or using a plastic wrap as wax is a natural protective agent.

Each Plant Wax Vegan Food Wrap is handmade so the pattern may differ from the pictures provided.

Plant Wax Vegan Food Wraps are 100% compostable and last for up to 2 years.



Product Description: 

Natural and Australian-made plant wax cloth wrap to keep your food fresh.

What’s inside each eco-friendly package?

  • 1 x small plant wax wrap (20cm x 20cm)
  • 1 x medium plant wax wrap (30cm x 30cm)
  • 1 x large plant wax wrap (40cm x 40cm)


How to use the Plant Wax Vegan Food Wrap:

  1. Wrap up your home-made sandwiches in Plant Wax Vegan Food Wrap and keep it stored fresh and tight. No need to keep using plastic lunch boxes.
  2. Store sliced fruit, vegetables or bread. 
  3. Use as an alternative to cover bowls, plates or cups.


Benefits of Plant Wax Vegan Food Wrap: 

No more toxic materials used to store your food.
  • A sustainable solution that saves you money and waste.
  • Environmentally friendly - all natural ingredients that store your food for longer.
  • We also think they look kinda cute :)


Care Instructions:

  • Wash in cold water, use mild soap if needed.
  • We do not recommend using anything that could scratch and damage the wrap, so be careful!
  • We do not recommend using the wrap in close contact with meat, fish or any raw item. 
  • Do not use the wrap on hot food or to heat food items  in the microwave, oven or grill. 
  • If the wax does not stick anymore, you can extend its life by heating up the wrap on very low heat in your oven and moving the wax around using a glove, but be gentle!
  • When using the wrap regularly it can last up to 2 years. When you do need a new one, don’t forget that your wrap is compostable and can be added to your compost bin.