Reusable Face Wipes

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Our Ekoroo Reusable face wipes work just like your regular cotton rounds and effortlessly remove makeup, removing even the most stubborn makeup (waterproof mascara, we’re looking at you!).

Each pad is made from a naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre outer layer that is gentle on your skin and non-irritating.

The organic cotton fleece inner layer helps absorb liquid making it the perfect to use with your cleanser or it can also be used with just water. Super Absorbent fabric that is super easy to use.

Each pad is made with 3 layers and is stitched with quality and integrity, promoting longevity. Reuse the reusable face wipes day after day, month after month.

Simply wash the pads using soap and warm water. Alternatively, using the free net bag provided, simply pop the face wipes in the washing machine with regular washing detergent, they are that easy to clean!

Our Ekoroo reusable face wipes are kind to the earth by preventing single-use products contributing to landfill.


Benefits of Reusable Face Wipes

  • Each set contains 8 reusable face pads
  • 3 layers for absorbency
  • Easy to clean – hand or machine wash
  • Each set includes a washing net bag
  • Material is bamboo & cotton