Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

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Sick of using wasteful plastic bags to gather your fruit and vegetables at the market? Discover our reusable grocery shopping bags for everyday use. Forget single-use plastic bags that you throw away and switch to our light, stylish and eco-friendly options.

One set of My Humble Earth Reusable Grocery Shoppings Bags includes these 8 bags:

3 x Small shopping bags (20cm x 30cm)

3 x Medium shopping bags (30cm x 35cm)

2 x Large bags shopping (30cm x 43cm)

Also includes 1 carry bag to gather all your bags, with a handy Carabiner hook to help with storage and as a reminder to bring with you when you go shopping.


Product Description:

  • Made from recycled polyester
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable option
  • Reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags
  • Machine washable 
  • Tiny holes allow collection of pasta or grains
  • Can be stored in your fridge 

Every reusable grocery shopping bag has a tag with tare weight and you can ask a shopping assistant to remove the bag’s weight and only pay for the actual product weight. 

Switch from single-use plastic goods and reduce household waste with these lightweight reusable shopping bags.