Diamond Weave Drawstring Produce Bag - 3 Pack Avocado, Paprika, Rock Salt

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The Keeper Diamond Weave Produce Bag is a lightweight set of 3 grocery bags in natural dyed colours Avocado, Paprika and Rock Salt. It replaces single-use plastic bags when shopping. It’s soft and gentle to handle with an easy drawstring closure and it fits perfectly in your tote or handbag.

Our stretchable bags allow plenty of room for your grains, nuts and storing produce is a breakthrough with this diamond weave material – the tiny holes can store fresh food up to 10 days in the crisper.

Benefits of the Diamond Weave Drawstring Produce Bag:

  • The lightest 100% cotton weave in the world
  • Set of 3 bags in 3 colours - Avocado, Paprika and Rock Salt
  • Naturally dyed, no nasty chemicals used
  • Size: 30 x 25 cm
  • Each bag olds up to 2.5 kg of produce
  • A set of diamond weave bags packaged in recycled cotton paper make a wonderful gift.